Road To Discovery: Finish Line

Dean Greg Crawford | Aug. 5, 2013 | Road to Discovery

Dean Greg Crawford at the Road to Discovery finish

[Video from WNDU-TV]

It was a phenomenal end to the ride. As I rolled into the hotel, there were all of these NPC families and children, and many Notre Dame Club of Maryland members. I was so honored to arrive to this cheering crowd.

The kids and the families were all there and it was such a great ending to this year’s ride. Even before I got off my bike, Coach Parseghian called to congratulate me on the fundraising success – a special moment in the midst of so many special moments. I was surrounded by these families whose passion, compassion, perseverance and magnanimity have been such an inspiration and shaped so much of how I think about life. It was overwhelming. Some of them wanted to get a picture with me, but I was the one honored to be in a picture with them.

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