Romance Languages International Week

Natalie Weber | April 6, 2017


The department of Romance languages and literatures kicked off its inaugural Romance Languages International Week with JeoparNDy, dance lessons and desserts from around the world. The week will sponsor a number of language events to help students get a taste of other cultures from around the world.

Last year, the Italian department hosted an Italian concert for students. The Romance Languages International Week was born from this idea, Italian professor Lesley Marcantonio said.

“Alessia Blad and I were sitting in her office talking about the next concert and she just said ‘What if we made it the final event of an entire week including the other languages?’” Marcantonio said. “And immediately, a professor from Portuguese walked by and she stopped him and said ‘How about we do this International Week? Would you be interested?’ and he said yes immediately and that’s how it started.”

Senior Paul Rudnicki, who is helping to organize the Italian concert this Friday, said he hopes to share Italy’s culture with other students.

“We’re really looking to share Italian with everyone,” he said. “Each song will have introductions in English and descriptions of why the song is culturally important and the time period and who sang it and how it really fits in with Italian society even up to the present day in the development of their music and culture.”

The department of Romance Languages and Literatures also organized a photo contest, showcasing students’ and faculty members’ pictures from around the world, and will be displaying the photos in O’Shaughnessy Hall until Thursday, said Marcio Bahia, associate professional specialist in Portuguese and Brazilian studies.

“The basic idea was, we have all of these people, all this wonderful staff, faculty and students who travel all over the world, especially to the countries of romance languages — Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian — and it would be nice to view the world, to see the world, through their eyes, through their experiences, through their photographic experiences,” he said.

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 by Grace Prosniewski

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