Samuel Newlands

Samuel Newlands

Renee Peggs | December 23, 2017

Michael Rea, the Rev. John A. O’Brien Professor of Philosophy, and Samuel Newlands, the William J. and Dorothy K. O'Neill Collegiate Associate Professor in Philosophy, have been awarded a grant from the John Templeton Foundation to pursue questions related to the nature of the self.

The grant supports the planning phase of a large, interdisciplinary project Rea and Newlands are developing — “Narrative Conceptions of the Self in Psychology, Philosophy, and Theology.”

In January, the philosophers will bring together scholars in philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, anthropology, and theology to present cutting edge research from their fields toward answering the question, “how can we understand and make sense of the narrative conceptions of the self?”

The January conference serves a number of purposes, Newlands said, including examining the state of research across disciplines to discover areas of common ground and avenues for new research.

“We also want to work toward consensus and clarity among the various scholarly fields with regard to terminology and vocabulary,” he said. “We’re working hard to make sure researchers from different disciplines don’t end up just talking past each other.”

Rea and Newlands have established a science advisory board to help them prepare aspects of their larger proposal that venture into domains beyond their own areas of expertise.

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