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Naya Tadavarthy | November 13, 2019 

When seniors Rosie Crisman and Vaishali Nayak both heard about Scientia, the College of Science student research magazine, early in their first year at Notre Dame, neither dreamed they would someday take a leading role the publication.

While going through her old files this summer, Crisman, a science business major, found the 2016 copy of Scientia that she picked up at the Academic Exploration Fair her first week here, an initial interaction which had inspired her to join the publication’s staff. Nayak, a neuroscience major and Crisman’s co-editor, remembered reading and loving the magazine before she even arrived at college, and an announcement during her first year biology class encouraged her to work for the magazine. 

Both seniors started in the news section and now oversee the entire publication process, seeking out stories, advising writers, and organizing events to promote student scientific involvement on campus. 

“Science is a wonderful way to bring people together, even if they don’t have a common background,” said Crisman. “I think if it’s explained in a way that people can understand and people can get excited about, that’s the best part of science.”

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