Shakespeare? There's an App for That.

William Shakespeare iPad app CSee that face? That's the face of an Elizabethan playwright who just crushed your high score in Angry Birds and then wrote a play about it. (Image from

Literary professors have long agreed that the best part of Shakespeare's play The Tempest is when Prospero holds up his iPhone and asks Miranda, "Canst thou remember / A time before we came unto this cell?"  Miranda, of course, says she can:  Before she had her own cell phone, she had to borrow her friends' cell phones to get a ride home from soccer practice.  But Prospero probably should have asked Miranda if she remembered not having an iPad.

Notre Dame professor Elliott Visconsi has co-created a Shakespeare app for the iPad, appropriately called "Tempest."  For a cool $9.99, the app includes an audiobook version of the play read by professional actors, commentary from Shakespeare scholars and tools for sharing among classmates.

Besides, as "The Tempest" notes, Shakespeare had predicted Angry Birds:  He "swears he will shoot no more, but play with sparrows." (No mention of the bomb birds, though.)

Fast Company: "The App's The Thing: Shakespeare, Rebooted" by David Zax

 by Michael Rodio

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