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Nick Swisher | February 18, 2019

On the leading edge of rapidly-expanding blockchain technology, SIMBA Chain, Inc., a startup based on technology developed at the University of Notre Dame, empowers businesses from government and defense, and from health care to manufacturing, to develop and deploy their applications with ease.  

Diverse sectors are clamoring for the security, ease and efficiency of blockchain technology originally developed for Bitcoin and Ether cryptocurrencies. In short, blockchain is a database of information wherein the records within are stored on a large network of computers rather than in one central repository. As such, no company or individual owns the system, which makes data tampering extremely difficult to do. This, in turn, establishes a high level of trust in the data. Blockchain therefore has the potential to reduce the importance our economy places on third parties to ensure the trustworthiness of data such as banks, attorneys and even the government. 

“What SIMBA is bringing to the table is making blockchain easy for everybody,” said CEO Joel Neidig, a serial entrepreneur who is also director of research at Indiana Technology and Manufacturing Companies (ITAMCO) in Plymouth, Indiana. Neidig compares blockchain to a computer and SIMBA to the operating system.

“We wanted to make a platform that anybody could go to and build and deploy their blockchain applications in. We call this SIMBA, which stands for simple blockchain applications.” 

Neidig began partnering with Notre Dame five years ago. ITAMCO and the University’s Center for Research Computing (CRC) won a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grant that, with the help of the IDEA Center at Notre Dame, eventually led to the formation of SIMBA in 2017. 

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