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Christina Clark | March 10, 2020 

Growing up, sisters Keri Kei and Christi Shibata had different ideas about what they wanted to do. Their father was a Michigan state trooper and their mother was a teacher.

“I grew up not wanting to be either, but ended up kind of both,” says Notre Dame Police Chief Keri Kei Shibata.

Notre Dame Firefighter Christi Shibata always had a pull to help people, but did not know exactly how she wanted to do it. She recalls that when the family would pass a broken-down car on the road, her instinct was to ask her father if they could pull over to help.

The sisters grew up in Harbor Springs, Michigan, and they both were in athletic programs in high school, playing basketball and participating in track. Being just three years apart in age meant that by Keri Kei’s senior year, Christi was on the same teams. Combining their abilities, they took the teams further in their quarterfinals than the teams had gone in years past.

Christi earned her undergraduate degree from Kent State, where she continued to play basketball.

Keri Kei, who majored in biblical literature at Bethel University (then Bethel College), opted out of college sports.

“I had a knee and back injury that didn’t allow me to continue, which actually, I’m really glad of. Christi enjoyed her experience, but I saw that her entire life was consumed with basketball, and I got to do other things and have a different college experience.”

Keri Kei later discovered roller derby as an adult while visiting Seattle with her husband, and joined the local South Bend roller derby chapter. For a time she was known as “Keri Khaos.”

Keri Kei came to Notre Dame in 2004 when the University began its residence hall patrol program, and by 2005 she was a campus police officer.

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 by Daily Domer Staff