Soccer: Spring Play Begins

Mark Frego '15 | Mar. 17, 2013 | Irish United

M Soccer vs Akron

During no time of the year does a squad practice more than in its offseason. In fact, that is usually all it does, excluding a handful of exhibition games. For this reason, many coaches view the offseason as perhaps more important than the season itself. Notre Dame men’s soccer skipper Bobby Clark shares this sentiment, claiming that the two go hand in hand.

“This is when we lay the groundwork for the season,” Clark said. “We possibly work harder in the spring than we work in the fall. The fall is really about competing. We are playing two games a week from the season’s start, so the guys are really just preparing for a game then regenerating for another one. There’s not a lot of hard work going into it, whereas the spring is the time where you really start putting your team together.”

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