Soundings: A poem of death and life

Kerry Temple '74 | June 25, 2014 | Notre Dame Magazine

It was a handwritten letter, signed by Sister Brigid M. Carey, and it came from Laguna Woods, California.

The letter read: “The paper I have enclosed was composed at Notre Dame by Michael Ury when he was on retreat in 1986. Michael died this past year of cancer. Naturally his family was devastated. His mother is in a nursing home that I visit. She asked me if I could see that this was published. I thought of no better place than ND. Our Lady would want to bring comfort to a loving mother.”

The “paper” is a typewritten, 28-line poem, and it is signed by Mike Ury, who concludes the poem with, “Good luck on finals! God will see you through. May your every day be a Christmas! Keenan-Farley Retreat 1986-87.”

He drew a little smiley face.

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