Soundings: All is not fair

Kerry Temple '74 | Mar. 26, 2014 | Notre Dame Magazine

Kerry Temple web portraitKerry Temple

Basketball is a messy game. It is even messier for 9-year-olds who can’t help but double-dribble, who swarm to the ball like moths to a porch-light and who take too many steps when none is allowed. Errant passes and wild shots fly all over the place and bodies tumble, rumble and fall.

But it’s also a great classroom for teaching life. Sports provide a great hands-on laboratory for learning about the real world.

Post-game conversations range from trying harder to being a good teammate, knowing when to shoot and when to pass, and how to brave the pressure and yelling and the big kid guarding you. The games and talks are really for learning about yourself and other people and the systems we all must operate in.

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