Soundings: The Morning Routine

Kerry Temple '74 | Feb. 6, 2013 | Notre Dame Magazine

Kerry Temple web portrait

The kitchen is dark when I enter it on these cold winter mornings. So I flip on the light and head first to the cupboard where the bowls and plates are stacked. I pull out three Corelle plates and three Corelle bowls. Another cabinet holds the juice glasses, and I pull out three spoons and two forks from the silverware drawer.

There are children’s gummy-bear vitamins in the pantry. I put two on each plate. I know which candy colors are preferred by each child as well as the plates of choice — flowers (Kinsey), red rings (Finn) or brown geometric patterns (Pike). I slice a couple of bananas into discs — which the boys eat with a fork, my daughter preferring her fingers (but only two to four round slices for her).

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