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Erin Blasko | March 28, 2019

Wearing a blue pullover and a white, knitted scarf, Nancy Beitler, business manager in the Office of Campus Ministry at the University of Notre Dame, poured coffee from a silver carafe, warming the cups of cold guests at Our Lady of the Road, a drop-in center for men, women and children in South Bend.

Nearby, Patrick Kronner, choral program director and organist and director of the Women’s Liturgical Choir and the Community Choir in Campus Ministry, washed dirty cups and plates in a tub of soapy water.

The two are among a group of about 30 Campus Ministry employees who volunteer at Our Lady of the Road on a regular basis, assisting with food preparation and service, dishes, laundry and other tasks in the Christian tradition of corporal and spiritual acts of mercy.

Tami Schmitz, associate director of pastoral care in Campus Ministry, leads the effort, which sprung from a recent update to the office’s strategic plan that places a new emphasis on work that “bring(s) the love and compassion of Jesus Christ and the church to the margins” among staff as well as students.

“As those entrusted with the faith of campus, and to live the gospel, this is where the rubber meets the road,” Schmitz said. “It’s literally Matthew 25: feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick …”

It also corresponds with the University’s concern for human solidarity and the common good, and its commitment to service and engagement in support of a healthy, prosperous community.

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