Striking Back

There looked to be about 30 of us gathered at the Main Circle at 10 a.m. Friday, September 20, the day of a global Climate Strike. The plan was to weave our way downtown where we would join other climate change protesters at a rally there — one of thousands throughout the world to call attention to the climate crisis, most organized by the young people who will be living on the planet whose very future is threatened.

Some carried signs. They said FOR THE AIR WE BREATHE and FOR THE WATER WE DRINK. But there was no chanting or fist waving, just conversations about plastic bags and fossil fuels and farms versus corporate agricultural practices.   

Our small band appeared to double in size by the time we had traveled the length of Notre Dame Avenue, then angled downhill past Rocco’s, eventually crossing the river and arriving at the civic plaza about 45 minutes after setting out. Maybe 50 or 60 or 100 people were already gathered there, awaiting talks that were to begin at 11.

These people, too — mostly older folks — carried signs. They said things like OUR KIDS DESERVE A FUTURE and THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE. Sweaty from our hike downtown, I found a spot of shade, standing next to an older couple whose sign read WE’RE HERE FOR YOU Leif (13) Luke (6).

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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