Student Elections Result in Runoff

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Courtney Becker | February 11, 2018

The 2018 student government presidential election will continue with a runoff election between the McGavick-Gayheart ticket and the Kruszewski-Dunbar ticket, Judicial Council announced Thursday night.

While none of the three tickets — McGavick-Gayheart, Kruszewski-Dunbar and Gannon-Moran — achieved the required 50 percent of votes to win the election, senior Matt Ross, the Judicial Council president, said the candidates all agreed to suspend campaigning and attempt to postpone the runoff election. Ross said they candidates came to this agreement in order to respect the Breen-Phillips Hall (BP) community as they mourn the death of their rector, Sister Mary McNamara, who died Thursday.

“The tickets have decided that due to the loss of Sister Mary in our campus community, the tickets are going to try to postpone the runoff election about a week, just to give everyone the proper time to kind of deal with that,” Ross said. “ … At the moment, there’s no campaigning for the runoff election. The candidates have all been told they’re able to post a simple statement on their Facebook pages or their social media, whatever, that we’ve gone to a runoff, but that’s going to be it for now.”

Due to election timelines being explicitly laid out in the Student Union Constitution, the student senate will need to meet to approve a postponement of the runoff election, Ross said.

“We’re going to have to get senate to agree to suspend those sections of the constitution or to minorly change them in order for this special circumstance,” he said. “ … All of the candidates were in agreement to postpone the election for a week given the tragedy that our community’s had, and they were all in agreement of postponing campaigning as well.”

Section 17.1(d) of the Student Union Constitution defines campaigning as “any public contact or the solicitation of votes” and “personal appearances, placement of posters or distribution of any election materials.” In addition to postponing the election and campaigning, Ross said the candidates also agreed not to release the percentage of votes each ticket received in the initial election.

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