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Mary Bernard | November 16, 2017

At Wednesday’s student senate meeting, senators discussed issues ranging from the Shirt Project, student health and wellness updates, revisions to the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body and a response to the new university housing policy.

The senate confirmed junior Kristin Andrejko as the Shirt Project President by unanimous vote Wednesday evening.

Student Union treasurer Alexandra Henderson formally nominated Andrejko. Andrejko was the senator from Walsh Hall last year and is currently studying abroad in London.

“[Andrejko] has been working on the Shirt Project since freshman year and she has a lot of experience,” Henderson said. “She’s really excited about this upcoming year.”

Student senate also passed three revisions regarding the Constitution of the Undergraduate Student Body.

The Department for Constitutional Procedures brought the revisions to the senate for a vote. The first allowed proxy members to count towards a quorum, which passed unanimously. The second revision instituted an attendance policy for senators. After four unexcused absences or seven total absences, the Student Union Ethics Commission will conduct a hearing regarding the Senator’s potential negligence. This revision passed with only one Senator in opposition and no abstentions. The third revision increased the quorum from 3/5 to 2/3 to be consistent with the requisite quorum for the Election Committee, per the Constitution. This revision passed unanimously as well.

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