Susan D. Page

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Renée LaReau | January 29, 2020 

Ambassador Susan D. Page, the first US ambassador to the world’s newest nation, South Sudan, has had a long and distinguished diplomatic career. A 1989 Harvard Law School graduate, Page has served as an attorney for the US Department of State’s prestigious Office of the Legal Adviser, a regional legal advisor for USAID in Kenya and Botswana, and a political officer in Rwanda. 

An expert on Africa’s Great Lakes Region, Page helped with the evacuation of US citizens and US embassy employees in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide. When the embassy reopened several months later, Page was the first attorney to return to Rwanda, where she assessed the prison and justice system to determine the type of aid the US could provide under the Foreign Assistance Act. 

Ambassador Page is spending the 2019-20 academic year at the Keough School, teaching two courses: Diplomacy and Statecraft, and Africa in the Global Context: Diplomacy, Democracy, and Development. She advises master of global affairs and undergraduate students, and contributes diplomatic and policy expertise to the wider Notre Dame community. 

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