Swarbrick talks new playoff committee

Notre Dame Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick said college football's upcoming playoff selection committee will closely watch every football team and emphasize strength of schedule.

As Swarbrick explained on ESPN's "Carmen, Jurko & Harry Show" Wednesday, the committee could consist of 12-15 members who will closely monitor all 121 Football Bowl Subdivision teams throughout the season.

Like the selection committee for the wildly successful NCAA basketball championship tournament, football's committee will focus on teams' schedule difficulty, said Swarbrick: 

"One of the things we like so much about that is as much as this happened in basketball in the past decade, the selection committee will send a real message about strength of schedule," Swarbrick said. "If you choose not to challenge yourself, especially in the pre-conference games, it's going to impact your rating. That's another way we think we're contributing to the vibrancy of the regular season through this process."

ESPN's Scott Powers has the full story.

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UPDATE (6/28): Jack Swarbrick sits down with the UND.com staff for an exclusive interview about the new playoff format and the future of Irish football 

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