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For most successful athletes, their parents and coaches have the greatest impact on their lives. For those serving in such mentoring roles, one of their primary goals and everlasting hopes is that those under their care develop a sense of accountability for their actions.

Notre Dame senior women's soccer co-captain Elizabeth Tucker embodies that foundational concept of accountability. It is woven throughout the tapestry of her fast-paced life, and it encompasses other core values such as duty, preparation, faithfulness, agreeability, respect and an unwavering devotion to family, friends and teammates.

Even if she had never played a game for a varsity team at Notre Dame, Tucker's first three years of college still would be highly noteworthy. The 2012 first team Academic All-American has yet to receive any class grade below an A, maintaining her lofty 4.0 cumulative grade-point average while pursuing a degree in - yes, you guessed it - accounting.


 by Daily Domer Staff

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