The 47-year Final Semester

John Nagy ’00M.A. | July 14, 2017

Late in the fall of his senior year at Notre Dame, John Kohne made a big mistake.


Imagine that. He was 21, a kid at college like how many others, thinking about his studies and his future, wondering if he’d become a part of the problems he saw hurting humanity or somehow a part of their elusive solutions. And rather than contrive some purely symbolic gesture or waste a lot of time in talk or protest, he had decided to take control of a part of his life that was his alone to determine.


He dropped out of school. Twelve credits shy of graduation, the chemical engineering major decided that he couldn’t take his place in an industry he believed could do no good in society. The time had come, he felt in that moment, to leave Notre Dame.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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