The Book of Ian

Notre Dame Athletics | December 11, 2020

At Notre Dame, the Irish quarterback is one of the most visible figures in college football, past and present. Eyes are on him from the moment he steps on the field, and all those watching begin to write his story. There are careers, seasons, even singular moments that define a player, and many would say that Notre Dame quarterback Ian Book has had his fair share of those.

Who is Ian Book? When you ask him, it's remarkably simple.

“I’m just a kid living out his dream to play college football since third grade.”
Just a kid living the dream. To get to this level, you have to have natural talent. You have to have awareness, pocket presence, calm under pressure. You have to balance your time and shut out the naysayers and work when not a soul watches. You have to be resilient. Fearless. Smart. Confident.

You have to get up again, and again, and again.

And then, you have to get better. At Notre Dame, you are surrounded by history, records, games and stories of lore that the Irish can recite upon a singular callback. There’s an expectation that you evolve, that you keep growing and push the standard of excellence that has come to define Notre Dame football. Now, the winningest quarterback in Notre Dame Football history, and one of just two FBS quarterbacks with a win rate of .900 or higher, Book has cemented his place among the Notre Dame greats.

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