The "Epoch" of Pope Francis

Ezra Klein | Jul. 31, 2013 | Washington Post

Pope Francis

On Monday, I asked Father Bill Dailey, the Thomas More Fellow at Notre Dame’s Center for Ethics & Culture and a wise and humane priest of my acquaintance, what he thought of Pope Francis’s tenure so far. His response follows.

Much is being made of Pope Francis’s rare, 80-minute, 21-question impromptu airborne news conference during his return from World Youth Day in Brazil. Caution would dictate reading too much into the remarks so far reported, not least because no complete transcript of the conversation is yet available in English. But the very fact of the free-wheeling exchange, and the nature of some of the remarks permits at least some responsible comment and speculation.

To begin with, the Holy Father’s decision to make himself available to such open questioning is emblematic of a theme he has repeated early and often in his papacy: the Church must go out to the world.

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