The Gist: Lines for the History Books

Jack Lyons '21 | June 11, 2020

You know what reassures me “in these uncertain times”? When a bona fide adult tells me that the coronavirus is the biggest global crisis they’ve ever lived through. It’s consoling to know that this is unlike anything world has faced in a long time.

“What about the oil crisis in 1973?” I once asked my parents at the dinner table, 20 minutes after taking a final exam in my bedroom. They shook their heads.

I know, I know, silly question. How could long lines at the gas pump compare to the global tragedy of COVID-19? But for some reason, it’s an image from that event that keeps flashing in my mind: cars piled up at a gas station waiting for fuel. I saw it in my old U.S. history textbook.

I’m sure the book had photos more grotesque than a queue of Chevrolets, but to me no other image captures the visible upheaval of everyday life from that moment in time.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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