“The Importance of Being Earnest”

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Sofia Madden | November 10, 2017

The Notre Dame Film, Television and Theater program will present Oscar Wilde’s “The Importance of Being Earnest,” this weekend, a self-proclaimed “trivial comedy for serious people,” senior and cast member Eric Ways said.  

Freshman cast member Gabe Krut said in many ways, the play relates to Notre Dame students’ lifestyles and experiences, adding elements of irony that may be unexpected for many audience members.

“Many of the characters make statements about views on education, material values and the silliness of social circles,” he said.

While the play was not originally chosen to comment on many of Notre Dame’s customs, the play inherently prods at values which often go unchallenged, including education, status and even religion, Ways said.

“I think students will find they can relate to many aspects of this play, and some won’t even realize that they’re the object of certain jokes,” he said.

Oscar Wilde was known for his biting social commentary, especially riddling his lines with several layers of irony, Krut said.

“As a ‘trivial play for serious people,’ some audience members won’t find humor in Wilde’s words because his satirical content is simply too much of a reality for them,” he added.

Mark Seamon, the show’s director, said he chose the play to be included in the lineup for the Debartolo Performing Arts Center this season in the hopes of showing a comedy this year.

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