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Denise Skwarcan | September 20, 2018

Do a little internet digging on Notre Dame kicker Justin Yoon and you'll discover that his mother is a famous silent film actress in Korea. It's even noted that she won an award in 2004 for best new actress in a foreign silent film.

However, nowadays most people know you can't believe everything you read, and this is one of those things. Just ask Yoon.

"I have never heard of that in my life!" laughed Yoon whose mom is actually the head pharmacist at the family business in Korea. "But if it's true, I'm impressed."

If, on the other hand, you have read about how Yoon is adaptable, even-keeled and on pace to become one of the most prolific kickers in Notre Dame history … well, those things you should believe.

"Over time I just figured out that (in each challenge I faced) I did what I needed to do to be successful," Yoon said. "At the same time I also learned to enjoy the process."

The senior has had plenty of experience adjusting to situations and surroundings. Born in Ohio, Yoon immediately moved to Korea where most of his family still lives today. It was there that his love of hockey began, encouraged by his grandfather who also passed along another trait to his grandson.

"It started with my grandfather, who played hockey when he was a kid and eventually ended up creating sort of a hockey town back in Korea," Yoon explained. "My father grew up doing figure skating, and I don't know if he liked it or not but he became pretty good at it. But he decided maybe I should play hockey instead, and I grew to love it. And it's funny because my father always says (my easy-going personality) comes from my grandfather."

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