The Laces that Bind

Kit Loughran | November 18, 2016 

September 17. The date had been marked on my calendar even before graduation in May.

Moving to my new city, starting my first job, a lot of unknowns. What plans could a then-almost-graduate have that far in advance?

Notre Dame v. Michigan State.

That weekend the Irish would be hosting the Spartans. And when applying for tickets in the alumni lottery, my close friends — plus the rest of our class, apparently — decided Michigan State was the game to come back for: a rival opponent, most likely good weather, basically a guaranteed Irish win, and now as “adults,” enough time to request off work.

So, tickets were purchased, travel plans were booked and housing arrangements were made. (Lucky for me, my brother, a current senior, was willing to put me up for the weekend.)

The Michigan State weekend would be my first time back on campus since graduation and the first time my Notre Dame roommates would all be together as alumni, too. To say I was excited would have been an understatement.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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