The Playroom: In control

BY Maraya Steadman '89, '90MBA 

I lose things all the time: socks, flip flops, shoes and boots, medical forms, Sharpie markers, grocery lists, my car in the zoo parking lot, my youngest child in an amusement park, my oldest at off-ice training, the ability to be respectful when I’m being yelled at by school crossing guards, and also, and especially, my keys, my phone and my sunglasses.

After searching through my purse twice because I’m convinced my sunglasses have got to be in there, I just dump the entire contents on the dining room table. There are the normal purse things — wallet, tissue, lip gloss, sunscreen, hockey tape, binder clip, Polly Pockets, purple crayon, notepad, wipes, spare change, gas station receipts, tampons, three black ballpoint pens, two vials of ibuprofen and a single stale Cheeto — but no sunglasses.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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