The Playroom: Plungers

Maraya Steadman '89, '90MBA | Apr. 12, 2013 | Notre Dame Magazine

Maraya Steadman / Notre Dame Magazine

I have an organized linen closet. It’s the only thing in my life that is organized. I’ve got the sheets folded and stacked according to size, the towels sorted by color, baskets for washcloths. Every time I open the door it makes me happy, this microcosmic fantasy life in my upstairs hall. Until you get to the floor of the closet, there are three smallish plastic baskets on the floor, the sort I bought at the hardware store “2 for 99 cents!” In the baskets I keep the plungers, plural. Well, in the first two anyway.

After being married for closing on 20 years, I have decided there are three things in life men cannot find: Ketchup, light bulbs and plungers.

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