The Raven House Rules

Sarah Cahalan '14 | May 26, 2019

“You can’t miss it,” said the witch through the speaker of my iPhone. “It’s the big gray house with gargoyles on the roof, a ten-foot spider climbing up one wall and a cauldron in the front yard.”

I took down her instructions, penciled our appointment into my planner and broke into a satisfied grin. It was the week before Halloween, and I was going to a psychic.

I had long ago noticed the handful of psychic shops scattered near Notre Dame. As the calendar flipped to October and spooky season dawned, I debated pitching a story about them to some out-of-town publication. Just as the thought entered my head, our editor announced the theme of the issue you’re holding in your hands. Perfect timing, I thought — almost too perfect.

As I searched the Google listings for South Bend psychics, one practitioner rose above the rest. Barbara the Gray Witch — in business since 1976 — had a bevy of glowing reviews and an impressive roster of media appearances, from consultations in the South Bend Tribune to a weekly radio show on U93. I decided to give her a call.

I hoped, of course, to snag an appointment on Halloween, so when Barbara asked what day might be best for me, I casually suggested the following Wednesday, pretending I didn’t notice the “10/31” staring up from my calendar.

“Well that’s Halloween, my dear friend,” she replied. “I don’t work on Halloween.”

Of course she doesn’t, I thought. Probably doing a séance or someth—

“The trick-or-treaters would interrupt all my readings.”

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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