THRIVE! continues to thrive amidst pandemic


Natalie Davis Miller | May 28, 2020

When you work at an institution as big as Notre Dame, you have a number of opportunities to meet a lot of people — but do you get a chance to get to know them? THRIVE! Inspiring ND Women is one organization that gives you that chance. 

Thrive! is an employee resource group focused on increasing opportunities for women to be recruited, retained and advanced as leaders at the University. Open to all faculty, staff and administrators, the group offers Lunch Pairings, open to men and women, that have led people to new friends, mentors and opportunities for work advancement.

For me, as a new employee, it is a way to meet people outside my work area. Most recently I was paired with Ten Gray, Human Resources consultant. (All pairings are random.)  Interestingly enough, we had met at my new employee orientation, and we’ve run into each other a time or two since we both work in the same building. But the pairing gave us an excuse to really talk. For example, what’s the story behind the name Ten? Our “lunch” gave me the opportunity to get an answer to that, and to find out more about him. 

Meeting people outside of her work circle was also the impetus for THRIVE! President Kate Garry to participate in lunch pairings. And even though in-person lunch meetings have gone online since most staff and faculty are working remotely, the sentiment remains true. “Getting a chance to interact with someone new is refreshing right now, whether you are isolating at home alone and craving connection or just need a break from juggling remote work and homeschooling duties. It’s not quite the same as sharing a meal together in person, but it is still rewarding,” says Garry.

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