Through Hoops

Jason Kelly, '95 | July 18, 2017

Forest Wallace thinks the basketball rim at his house is too springy, so he uses a neighbor’s hoop to practice his shot — and his lines. He keeps his script at courtside for reference, shooting and reciting, taking a glance, shooting and reciting, taking a glance, a rote process with the dual benefit of improving his basketball mechanics and his acting chops.

When it comes to the stage, at least, 14-year-old Forest is not a practice player. An admitted procrastinator, he says he’s not the right person to ask for advice about memorizing lines. His process sounds a little like an NBA game: three quarters of idly squeaking sneakers, then a finishing flourish. He’s clutch, you’ve got to give him that.

Playing Cloten in the Robinson Shakespeare Company’s production of Cymbeline, Forest found himself pretty far behind late in the game. He had hoped for a bigger part and a better person to play. “He’s just a terrible dude,” Forest says. His aversion to Cloten contributed to his stalling.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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