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Illya Szilak | Feb. 14, 2014 | Huffington Post

Steve Tomasula

Professor Steve Tomasula re-releases his multimedia novel TOC, hailed as a "brilliant literary time machine"

Steve Tomasula's multimedia novel TOC (design by Stephen Farrell, programming by Christian Jara ), newly re-released as an iPad app, utilizes the same technology that has fostered this shift to create a compelling, thought-provoking work about the nature of time.

"To me, the medium is inseparable from the message, or at least an equally interesting part of the message e.g. it's impossible to talk about a medieval manuscript without thinking about how it embodies a whole way of life, with its pages made of animal skin, its ink made of charcoal or berries, the pen used to create it plucked from a goose--all of its materials part of the natural world, just as the e-book embodies our time," says Tomasula, a professor at Notre Dame.

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