To the Editor

Jason Kelly ’95 | November 26, 2020

The job was a stretch. I figured I had a shot at the “maybe” pile.

In certain particulars, it was ridiculous to think they’d hire me. On paper, my work history and the requirements of the position were enough of a superficial mismatch to justify a quick discard from the editors. That much I knew.

I also knew Kerry Temple ’74. So, sorry to everyone else who applied.

This was 12 years ago, almost to the day. Back then, Kerry and I would have lunch once or twice a year, but otherwise weren’t in regular touch. When a job opened at another magazine, I emailed him about being a reference, asking a lot of him personally and professionally. I wasn’t kidding about the mismatch. To recommend me would mean going out on a little bit of a limb.

Without hesitation — or exaggeration — he did. There were parts of the job he couldn’t speak to my ability to do, he told them (and me), but he vouched for my capacity to grow into the role. That he spoke up on my behalf was really all that mattered.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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