ND's Top IX

Over at Notre Dame Magazine, writer Jason Kelly '95 observes the 40th anniversary of Title IX by celebrating the "Top IX Moments in ND history."

Because it's Notre Dame Magazine we're talking about here, Kelly of course goes a little bit further than just the Top IX, pausing to note how these defining moments were more than just athletic achievements.  The Top IX signified - and still signify - a sea change for social perception of women's sports in America.

Kelly writes:

"Nine moments are not enough. National championships and high-profile accomplishments crowd out decades of success in volleyball, tennis, swimming, softball and the potential of newer programs on the rise. And these include only the most recent generation, not the pioneers who endured a lack of resources and respect to generate the energy that now keeps Grace Hall’s green No. 1 lit."

Whether you're a fan of the Irish, a fan of Skylar Diggins (looking at you, Lil' Wayne) or just interested in the impact that Title IX has had on campus, Kelly's article is worth the read.