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Deanna Csomo McCool | May 27, 2018

The Honors Calculus I and II courses are not for the faint of heart.

Even the class description serves as a warning: “This is not your high school Calculus course…whether you have had calculus or not, this course will challenge you in many ways.”

“Honors Calc I my freshman year was the first math class I remember taking where I didn’t immediately understand what was happening,” said Caitlyn Booms, now a senior honors mathematics major who organizes tutors for the Math Bunker, a tiny tutoring room inside the mathematics library in Hayes-Healy Hall. “That’s a really difficult thing to go through, especially if you’re going through it alone.”

The Math Bunker tutoring program bridges that gap, serving students who want proof-based math tutoring and mentoring. Jeffrey Diller, professor and chair of the mathematics department, began the program to provide some help for challenging math courses and to facilitate connections among those in different years of study.

Almost all students who begin the honors math degree find themselves stumped during their first course, and are encouraged to work in groups to brainstorm solutions to problems.

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