Travel Security Expert

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Colleen Wilcox | March 9, 2020

In June 2014, a plane landed hard at the Kabul International Airport. It was after dark and the flight crew needed medical attention. The plane suffered damage, so the crew needed to stay overnight in Kabul until another aircraft could be flown in. Jaime Signoracci, who was only in her second day working at International SOS as a security intelligence analyst, was in the room when the phone call came in. The urgent request came with very little time to figure out where to send the injured flight crew for medical attention so late at night, the availability of secure lodging in Kabul for the remaining crew, and the coordination of professional secure transport services to get them all there safely.

This was Signoracci’s “jump into the deep end” introduction to the travel safety and security operations industry.

"It was a whirlwind education and I was drinking it all in from a fire hose,” she says. “I never wanted to work in another industry again. Every day is unique."

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 by Daily Domer Staff