Unbalanced: Oh Christmas List

Carol Schaal '91M.A. | Dec. 17, 2012 | Notre Dame Magazine

Carol's 1994 Christmas listI’ve saved Christmas lists going back to 1991, so I can make sure I’m not buying friends and relatives the same gift I bought them a year or even 20 years ago.

Yeah, I know, way too organized.

This year, as I checked twice to make sure no one is getting a repeat, I realized these lists offer a snapshot of changing times, technology and tastes, not to mention relationships. A certain boyfriend, I noticed, was well-gifted in 1991, receiving presents not only from me but from my parents and sister. Does he still wear the sweater, listen to the CD or use the power screwdriver? I don’t know, but, despite my family’s apparent regard for him, I do know his name is not on my 1992 list.

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