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Urop Moira

Teagan Dillon | December 26, 2017

From the capital of Uganda, to American Indian reservations, to museums across the country, Notre Dame students travel around the world to carry out academic projects with help from the College of Arts and Letters’ Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program. 

With UROP’s financial support, students are able to engage in on-site research that can be used as the basis for a variety of independent projects, including a senior thesis. 

The experiences made possible through UROP not only lead to meaningful results, but also provide students with valuable life experiences they might not otherwise have.

“I couldn’t have afforded my summer research in Uganda if I didn’t have the UROP funding,” said senior Adam Moeller. “It was hugely helpful. The flights are really expensive, living in the city actually costs a lot more than you would think, and there were a lot of other expenses that accompanied my research.”

“Independent research can help you with a bigger project later on, it can develop your skills, and it can finally answer an intellectual question you’ve been asking. For me, it accomplished all three.” — Amber Grimmer, sophomore international economics and peace studies major

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