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Mendoza College of Business | May 11, 2020 

There are few other professors on this year’s Best 40 Under 40 Professors list that hit such a strong balance of research and teaching expertise than Vamsi Kanuri of the Mendoza College of Business at the University of Notre Dame. With more than 300 Google Scholar citations, the 34-year-old Kanuri has built a strong early research base with practical consequence. A marketing analytics professor, his research has been featured in major media outlets like The Financial Times, Inc, The Wall Street Journal, and USA Today, among many others. But Kanuri also received many thoughtful nominations backing his impact in the classroom.

“Dr. Vamsi Kanuri is both an incredible researcher and teacher,” is how one former student put it. “I took Dr. Kanuri’s MBA Marketing Analytics course. The course was challenging, and Dr. Kanuri translated and relayed the material in ways that were easy to comprehend. I can speak for my entire class when I say that the course was incredibly worthwhile and impactful. As a Ph.D. student, I have had the opportunity to attend marketing academic conferences. I recently went to a conference session Dr. Kanuri chaired. I was so impressed. Dr. Kanuri’s research is both cutting edge and managerially relevant, and the field has immense respect for him as a scholar. His research is highly recognized in the field and he has published numerous articles in the top marketing journals. His research has also been featured on Harvard Business Review. In addition to his scholarship, Dr. Kanuri is an incredible mentor. He was always happy to open his doors and provide great advice to students about current issues and future plans.”

Said another: “Kanuri is a very engaged professor who excels in the classroom. I have worked in Product Marketing for the past four years, but always felt that I learned something new in each of Kanuri’s Marketing Analytics class sessions. In class, he would present theory first then work with students to analyze a real-world datasets. After finishing this course, I feel ready to tackle complex marketing analytics challenges in my future workplace. Professor Kanuri is also involved in student-sponsored events and is participating in a marketing technical training series hosted by the Mendoza marketing club.”

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