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Carrie Stone | September 25, 2020

Some Notre Dame staff members have been working from home since March. Six months in may be a good time to assess remote work environments and approaches to see what's working and what's not.

Heather Christensen, senior administrative assistant at the McGrath Institute for Church Life, has done just that by using some of the tips from the Wellness Coaches, including changing her workspace.

“When I started working remotely I rushed into my decision of where I should set up my workstation and chose to sit at a desk in my bedroom,” Christensen said. “So before I knew it, a month had gone by and I had barely left my bedroom. I was having problems sleeping. I wasn't doing well at separating my work life from my personal life.”

Christensen adjusted her work space by moving it to two different locations in her home for variety. One workspace is on an enclosed patio, which provides a lot of natural light and the ability to spread out her work when necessary.

“Now when I get up to go to my office and get to work, I’m focused and more productive too,” she said.

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