What I'm Reading: The Prince of Silence

Matt Storin '64 | June 10, 2014 | Notre Dame Magazine

My years in communications at Notre Dame drew me instantly to the latest dissection of the infamous Duke lacrosse scandal, that last word having two inferences — first, the deeds of which three lacrosse players were wrongly accused and, second, the travesty of the justice system that pursued them. A quick reprise: during spring break on the Duke campus in 2006, the lacrosse team unwisely chosen to hire a couple of strippers for a late night party. With an abundance of alcohol on hand, it was perhaps not surprising that crude remarks, some of them bigoted, were made toward the dancers, both of whom were minorities. Ultimately one dancer claimed she was raped by three players in a bathroom of the rental house where the party took place.

William D. Cohan, a Duke alum, reports meticulously and fairly about the whole sorry episode from the night of the party through the tortured prosecution under then District Attorney Mike Nifong and on through the filing of numerous lawsuits amid the damaged reputations of just about everyone involved, including the president of Duke, Richard Brodhead. 

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