What now of co-education?

Tara Hunt '12 | Jan. 21, 2013 | Notre Dame Magazine

Tara Hunt for Notre Dame MagazineTara Hunt

Co-education rarely crossed my mind during my time as a Notre Dame student. It never struck me as odd that most of my best friends were males who lived in the dorm next door. I never wanted for a date to a dance, always reassured that I had some trusty pals who would gladly step in, as I would for them.

The pioneering women talk being outnumbered 20:1 in their classes, but for me it was the opposite. Few men gravitated to the artsy English and French literature majors in my days, so it was a rarity to have more than one “male opinion” in the group.

But what’s been made obvious during this 40th anniversary celebration of co-education is that my 21st century normal was definitely abnormal four decades ago. And the fact that I seldom thought about co-education is a sign of how far Notre Dame has come.

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