What We Know, We Owe

Brett Beasley | July 16, 2020

Officially, Connie Snyder Mick is the senior associate director of Notre Dame’s Center for Social Concerns, as well as its director of academic affairs. She also co-directs Notre Dame’s interdisciplinary minor in poverty studies.

Unofficially, she is a bubble popper.

When she arrived at Notre Dame two decades ago, Mick saw that her students tended to write from within the small bubble of their own experiences. They did their best work, she says, when they wrote about “matters of significance” — things like poverty, homelessness and injustice. And in South Bend, Mick saw an opportunity for students to gain firsthand experience of these things — not just to write about poverty, but to see and feel it and connect with people living on society’s economic margins. So she began pushing her students to step beyond the invisible barrier of the “Notre Dame bubble” and into the surrounding community.

It worked. The more students listened, did local research and forged meaningful relationships in the community, the more their writing improved. Their arguments became powerful, empathic and persuasive.

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 by Daily Domer Staff

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