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Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County, Indiana | Mar. 7, 2014

Original Main Building WindowOne of the original Main Building windows for sale.

The Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County is selling three original windows from Notre Dame's Main Building.

"As architectural salvage these windows are considered priceless by many who have come to value Notre Dame as a place, an experience, and a legacy. Habitat for Humanity of St. Joseph County offers them for sale with a specific purpose in mind: building homes, communities and hope!" says the Habitat for Humanity site.

These windows were removed from the Main Building during the renovation of the Golden Dome in 1997. Habitat for Humanity uncovered these windows in a warehouse, and has verified their authenticity with the University. The University has granted Habitat for Humanity permission to sell the windows as a fundraiser.

According to Habitat for Hamnity, these windows are likely from the 1879 rebuild after the original structure was consumed by fire.

The outsides of the 2 windows measure 14' by 3'.

The circular window was the topmost window in the Dome. Under it, four windows were held in place. One of the arc pieces survives, of which there would have been 4 in the original. No other glass pieces were included in the salvage. The diameter of the circle is 8' 9". There are two layers of molding for the entire circle and interior pieces.

If interested in purchasing one of the windows, contact:

See the photos at the Habitat for Humanity Facebook page

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