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Notre Dame News | March 14, 2018


Mendoza College of Business

Associate Teaching Professor of Finance and Director of Special Projects

Kristen Collett-Schmitt interviewed for a faculty position at the Mendoza College of Business on a frigid, blustery day in February 2008, wearing a too-thin jacket. As the taxi turned up Notre Dame Avenue and the Golden Dome gleamed ahead, she thought, “What am I doing here?”

In her tight-knit, Catholic hometown in northern Kentucky, Notre Dame was the ideal. “It’s such an awesome, overwhelming experience to see that Dome in front of you,” she says. “I felt out of my league.”

Since arriving on campus on that snowy day, Collett-Schmitt has built a reputation as a gifted finance teacher who regularly garners prestigious and meaningful teaching awards, including a spot on Poets & Quants’ “Top 40 Undergraduate Business School Professors” list in 2017. She helped design and launch Mendoza’s first-ever online course for undergraduates, serves as the faculty advisor for MoneythinkND, and she is providing accreditation guidance for the master’s program Notre Dame is launching with Balkh University in Afghanistan, among her many current special projects.

Students talk about her passion and accessibility, her deeply personal style and organization. She has a disarmingly straightforward manner that ties some of her loftier ideals and statements firmly down to earth.

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